Diaz, Danielle

Diaz, Danielle

Client Development Director

1040 Ave. of the Americas, FL 11

New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-993-2225

Email ddiaz@updatelegal.com

URL http://updatelegal.com

Company Description:

Danielle Diaz is the Client Development Director at Update Legal.
We provide eDiscovery and legal staffing services to both law firms and in-house legal departments. Danielle specializes in working with companies across all industries and U.S cities as well as law firms of all sizes for eDiscovery technology needs as well as for temporary legal staffing. Update Legal has been providing their clients with legal services for over 30 years. They come in to aid with data management and consulting, IG, collections, forensics, processing, hosting and legal staffing for review, to be the complete discovery solution. They manage a project with professionalism and expertise, provide qualified contract attorney reviewers in various languages and can hold these teams in our project spaces nationwide. When working with Update Legal, they take on the full responsibility of the employer, giving clients the professional to execute the work without any additional burden.