The Business Connection of New York

Purpose, Principles, Procedures, Responsibilities

Statement of Purpose
The Business Connection of New York (“TBC”) was created to support the business development of its members through education, networking, house calls, and referrals.

Basic Principles

  • TBC membership consists of one person per business category or profession. This ensures that members do not compete for the same business.
  • Members are expected to make a commitment to TBC, which means to attend all meetings and functions. Meetings are scheduled on an annual basis and are held every three (3) weeks; monthly in July, August and December. Functions are scheduled on a periodic basis, with TBC members receiving sufficient advance notice to be in attendance.
  • Meetings take place in the New York City Bar Association, located at 42 West 44 Street. Meetings start promptly at 8:30 AM and end at 10AM. The conference room opens at 8 AM for members wishing to network before the start of the meeting.
  • Members unable to attend a meeting must notify the meeting leader by the close of business day on Monday prior to the Wednesday meeting.
  • If a new member has more than 2 consecutive absences during the first 6 month period, the Executive Committee has the right to remove that person from TBC membership and fill his/her slot with another person from his/her business category.
  • Members are expected to schedule a minimum of one house call per month with another member. If the member does not make house calls the Executive Committee may consider removal of the member from the group.

Members are strongly encouraged to sponsor new members in order to keep the group vibrant and healthy. TBC members should know the prospective member and consider whether that person has the personality and professional commitment to be a successful, long term member of the TBC.